Interactive Bid Games Inc. is a California startup that produces and develops bidding style games and mobile apps based on the “interactive auction method™iBidGames is the first social auction style bidding game that gives players the chance to win real luxury prizes for an eye-popping $1.

Interactive, honest, and social. The ability to chat with other players makes iBidGames unique in the industry by providing reassurance that players are competing against other real players and not bots.

Absolutely NOT. You can confirm that you are playing against real users inside any auction game you choose to join. Chat with them, access their profiles, try to figure out their strategy, even send them a friend request. We are strong on building community and you can probably make some new friends while you play for top luxe items you actually want!

Of course you do! And that is one of the greatest things about iBidGames. Our games are transparent, honest, and authentic. Our patented interactive system and unique game makes this possible. So if you win, rest assured that the product you win will be shipped to you for just $1.

Tokens allow you to play in free auction games for virtual prizes. Keep playing and winning or inviting new friends to join and you can earn many tokens! You can convert tokens to iBidGames credits which is the way to win real luxury items. iBidGames credits can also be purchased in iBid Credit Packs. Either way, using freemium tokens or real credits means you can win big!

While you are in the game, press the “Invite Friends” button. You will receive Tokens for each one of your friends who signs up. We also give random rewards when you invite friends, so stay alert and keep inviting friends to join in!

But to earn even more Tokens, contact your friends by private message. Make sure they install the app, and when they do, more Tokens will be rewarded to you. When you help us to make iBidGames go big, we help you win big too!

Winning an iBid auction games means you have won the prize for $1. You will receive an email to make your payment to PayPal by confirming your mailing address. Our customer fulfillment center will then ship the prize to the registered address of your credit card within 7-10 business days. Next, enjoy your prize! Remember, you can always play again for a chance at more luxury prizes which we update regularly.